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I had the chance to use Formaula V traction treatment on my race tires years ago and have been using the product ever since. During a race weekend I will usually run three races which means my tires have gone through three heat cycles. Heat cycles are when the tire heats up and then cools down. When my race weekend is complete I take the bike out of the trailer and “paint” on the Formula V Traction treatment. I paint on about three coats per day for three days and when I am finished the race tires look brand new again. To me this product actually eliminates the three heat cycles the tires have been through and I am ready for another weekend with better traction than I started with.

I also have some take off tires that sit in the house for a while when the recommended heat cycles are reached. These tires usually have a blue color around the edge where the heat made the tire hard. Again I take these tires out in the garage and ”paint” on Formula V until the blue color is gone. I have just put heat cycles back into the tires and I use these for trackdays and practice sessions. To be honest I have saved thousands of dollars in new tires because I can use my old tires again.

Tim Vosnick, Motorcycle Racer

Formula V, what a product! Mike Lackey, the winningest car owner at Tri-County Motor Speedway and Hickory Motor Speedway let us go through his used scrap tire pile and pick out a set of tires. He laughed and said we were welcome to them but might as well stay home on those old tires. He was all smiles race night when his driver, Dennis Setzer, a Craftsman Truck Driver, set on the pole. My car was the last one out to qualify using Lackey’s junk used tires. We knocked Dennis Setzer off the pole. He was really disappointed when our driver, over the PA, thanked him for letting us have his used tires. After we explained to him that we treated them with Formula V he became a customer cutting his tire bill by two thirds and we lost our free used tire supply. The product is unbelievable to anyone who is using it for the first time. I appreciate you for making such a money saving product.

I really become a believer in Formula V when a sponsor forced us to run a race at Orange County Speedway. We were short on cash and didn’t want to go. They run a Goodyear Tire 2102 that if you run two laps of qualifying and it rains out, the tire will will be three tenths slower the next week, forcing you to buy 4 new tires. We had a year old set of these tires with 20 laps on them. We put 12 coats of Formula V on them over a week’s period. We went to Orange County Speedway two weeks later. We were shocked when we practiced on the tires and then set a new track record and was the first car to ever go around the track without cracking the throttle. 90 some laps into the 100 lap race we had a half lap lead on the field and run over a rivet and got a flat tire. We just told the other racers that for some reason our car really liked used tires and left with them talking to themselves. I would never race without Formula V if the track let you take your tires home. It’s undetectable by a durometer or a sniffer and cuts our tire bill up to two thirds a year, making racing affordable. Thanks again for making such a terrific product.

Gary Oliver, Stock Car Racer

I first discovered FVTT more than 15 years ago. Once upon a time I had a brand new set of tires for my Divisional, and finished .2 behind a very good driver that today has six National Championships under his belt. A year later, same tires, now turned to stone, I was six seconds off the pace. About this time I discovered FVTT and took a chance that was 5% the cost of a new set of tires. It brought them back. Another year later, still on the SAME set of tires, I won my Divisional. Two events later the tires went to cord.

I had never taken a set of tires to cord before. Always sold them off with about half the tread left when they were rock hard. Now I never do. I always run mine until there’s nothing left. I treat them regularly with FVTT

Rocky E., Dirt Racer

It is indeed legal since it is not a tire “softener” per se. It essentially puts the moisture back into the tire. It restores the tire to its original durometer, not making it softer than it originally was. It just makes them last longer by allowing them to remain competitive throughout their tread life.

Greg V., Drag Racer

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