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Our History

Developed by a long time racing enthusiast in 1982, Formula V was created to achieve a consistent, fresh, and sticky tire for maximum traction on every type of surface and on every run. Since tires do not come with an expiration date, even newly purchased tires aren’t always fresh. Formula V replenishes the ingredients lost to heat cycles and the ordinary drying process and, instead of replacing tires every race day, Formula V allows you to use tires to their limit and extend the life of your tires.

This liquid track and tire treatment achieves added traction by means of adhesion, does not soften tires or harm asphalt and concrete, and is biodegradable when dry. If you’re looking for a way to both lower your budget for tire replacement and stay in front of the competition, it’s time to start using Formula V.

Formula V can be used in all types of racing and for all types of tires. Whether drag racing or bike racing, taking care of your classic car or your RV, Formula V benefits all tires for racing or recreation.

Other features include:

  • Refreshes and brings back rubber to a “like new” condition
  • Prevents dry rotting of tires
  • Maximum adhesion in all types of weather
  • Water resistant
  • User friendly, customized dispensing containers

How do I apply Formula V to my tires?

For racing applications apply three coats for three consistent days at least 24-48 hours minimum before racing. Formula V is applied using a standard paint roller with a small nap cover or an application apparatus such as RolloPrep. Simply pour from the container into a clean paint tray, wet the brush, and roll onto the surface of your tires.

How old are your tires?

Did you know that in the US, retailers can sell tires that have never been driven on, but are 4 or more years old as new? The makeup of the rubber in tires starts to dry out and essentially break down over time, meaning that even new tires can start breaking down before you’ve even purchased them. Formula V can help restore the moisture back into your tires, giving you longer lasting tires and combating the aging process.

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