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The best kept secret in racing

bottle-picThe only first class tire and rubber treatment used worldwide

Developed in 1982, Formula V Tire and Rubber Treatment was designed to refresh and maintain the original softness of race tires. Since then, Formula V has been used by many professionals and weekend racers on a global scale and updated to adhere better and be more environmentally friendly. Its engineered composition is not a glue or adhesive, but a surface treatment that will, if applied as directed, allow the full tire depth use, extending the life of the tire.

Used in racing and recreation, Formula V can benefit tires used for everything from performance to go kart racing, caring for classic cars to RVs. Saving tires and supplying the winning edge, Formula V is the best kept secret in racing and tire treatment.

Formula V can be used in all types of racing and for all types of tires. Whether drag racing or bike racing, taking care of your classic car or your RV, Formula V benefits all tires for racing or recreation.

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